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The Ultimate Platform for Digital Signage and Kiosk Applications

Easily create engaging customer experiences for your displays or advertise in other businesses locations.

for marketing teams
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Cloud Creative Console

Easy and powerful. Create stunning content in no time

Display.Stream Console is designed for ordinary users and marketing teams of all sizes to create and manage content in multiple locations

  • Images, Videos, Sound, Animations and more
  • Instagram, Twitter and News feeds
  • GeoLocation and Context aware applications
  • Broadcast to hundreds of displays instantly
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Smart Touchscreen Displays

A break-through in digital displays. No more multi-vendor support headache!

Our displays are plug & play and pre-integrated with our ultra-fast media player, cloud creative console, fast 4G LTE and advanced security

  • Standing Posters, Tables and Wall Mount Displays
  • High performance and beautifully designed with low power consumption
  • Highly sensitive to touch and durable Infrared red technology
  • Ready to go with WiFi and 4G connectivity
  • Extremely fast with our multi-layer caching
  • No Digital Box required, manage everything from the cloud
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Use Your Own Displays

Bring in your existing display or TV screen !

If your display is an Android, FireOS or ChromeOS ready, you're good to go. Just install the DisplayStream Player from the corresponding store.
If not, we got your back, buy an HDMI FireStick or AndroidStick and install the DisplayStream Player.

  • Simple Quick Setup
  • Instant Activation
  • Remote Management
Activate Display
App Store

Select from awesome free or purchasable templates and smart applications for your displays

Accelerate your digital projects. Select and use assets created by professionals.

  • Display templates
  • Custom Layouts and Players
  • Interractive applications
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Advertising and Point Of Purchase

Join our peer-to-peer advertising network of displays

Bring in your display or buy one of our smart displays and start selling air time to advertisers.
Advertise in a highly effective channel.

  • Advertisers place Ads based on geo-location, type of business and other parameters
  • Hosts can approve or disapprove Ads
  • Monitor in real-time Ad metrics and performance
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SDK, API and Cloud Service

Developers & Enthusiasts

Unleach your creativivity, use our SDK, API and cloud infrastructure to create smart and engaging applications.

  • Create applications with a simplified display SDK
  • Integrate your apps and services through our REST API
  • Use our cloud infrastructure services to store data, instant messaging, search and more
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Pricing Plans

Choose Your Plan

Contact us through chat or email to discuss your needs for a custom plan.

All plans, including the free tier, come with a display for free.



  • Accounts
  • Cloud Storage
  • Social & News feeds
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • API Calls per hour
  • Embed Views per hour
  • 24/7 Support
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